Mowbly Enterprise on cloud


Mowbly Enterprise on cloud is an end-end solution to develop, deploy, manage and monitor your enterprise mobile apps on cloud. The solution enables your enterprise to venture into mobility in record time and provides total control to IT/business ensuring a lower total cost of ownership (TCO). This secure multi-tenant cloud solution provides each enterprise with an exclusive space for data and configuration. This document gives an architectural overview of Mowbly Enterprise on cloud.

Architecture Overview

Fig-1 Mowbly Enterprise on cloud

Points of Engagement

Developers, administrators and users interface with Mowbly system at the points of engagement. Mowbly enables administrators and users access from smartphone apps, desktop & laptop browsers and mobile browsers. Developers can use the browser based IDE or plugins available for Eclipse and Visual Studio or editors of their choice with the Command line tool.

Enterprise Systems

Enterprise systems layer is the part of the Enterprise to be extended to the mobile using Mowbly. This includes on premise systems like ERP, BPM, CRM, REST services and SaaS apps on Cloud. Mowbly offers a Web Services Proxy which helps mobile enable legacy system services.

Mowbly multi-tenant cloud

Mowbly multi-tenant cloud deploys out of a public cloud with private provisioning for multiple tenants. It consists of the following,

  • IDE

    IDE helps building Mowbly mobile apps. It consists of a Project Editor, Mobile simulator and App packer.

  • Dev, Test and Production spaces

    Dev, Test and Production spaces enable development in disparate workspaces to smoothen the process of deploying new apps from pilot to production and update existing ones. In the dev space, the app is developed individually and tested. In the test space, the app components are integrated and tested. It also includes the UAT phase of the app. The admin of the company deploys the project from test to production space. In each space, there is role-pack and user-role management to ease testing.

  • Web Access Layer

    Web Access Layer enables deployment of apps for browsers.

  • Admin Dashboard

    Admin Dashboard provides an interface for admins to manage projects, users, roles, system analytics, business analytics, IT policies and device policies. The dashboard also provides advanced security features such as remote wipe.

  • Mowbly Mobile Backend as a Service (MBaaS*)

*Note: Public pack Catalog and Mowbly Backend as a Service are part of the product roadmap and soon to be available on Mowbly.