The cross-platform mobile dev tool question

Yes, you ask why you should choose Mowbly over the other cross-platform mobile development tools out there to build your awesome apps. To answer that question, we thought about what does one look for in a cross-platform mobile dev tool and hence becomes an evaluation criteria for choosing the right platform. And so, we came up with a set of queries to get to the core of the problem that we are solving, given below,

How cross-platform?
Before you start (Environment setup)
Where? (Dev Studios)
What can be used? (Mobile API Framework)
App UI? (Mobile UI Framework)
How to test? (Testing and simulating)
How to deploy to alpha/beta and end users? (Pack and deploy (Multiple updates))
How to get to app stores/private distribution? (Build service (Multi OS))

We took the following tools and did a thorough feature check with the evaluation criteria at the core of it.

Mowbly – Community Edition
Appcelerator Titanium

The results are detailed in the comparison chart below.

To summarize, Mowbly Community Edition provides you with the following features,

Cloud-hosted platform
Browser-based IDE with zero configurations
Offline tools – Command line tool, Eclipse plugin, Microsoft Visual Studio plugin
Project management – Create multiple projects in sandboxes
Community projects which can be browsed and forked
Drag-n-drop editor for layout, controls and API snippets
Simple APIs for device feature access, page lifecycle, etc.
50+ responsive, data-bound UI controls ready to use drag n drop. Customizable themes
Out-of-box device feature integrated Widgets with user interface and APIs
Connect with Enterprise systems such as CRMs, ERPs, BPMs and Workflows
Connect with other back-ends as well such as REST API, Web services, etc.
Browser-based simulator with simulated device features and resolutions. Test on the simulator, you can be sure it works on the devices.
Pack and publish apps with unlimited updates easing your testing with devices and users.
Multi-OS Build tool and build sharing with alpha/beta/UAT users
Access your app as a hosted HTML5 webapp from the browser

Upcoming features include,

Moblie Backend as a Service (MBaaS)

Hope this helps you choose your cross-platform mobile dev tool.
Try Mowbly now by signing up for a free Community account at www.mowbly.com.

Look forward to our next post on Mowbly Enterprise Edition and a comparison on MEAP solutions to help you choose your Enterprise Mobility solution.

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