We believe in process mobility than mobile apps.

Why is process mobility the key?

  • Enterprises are pulled into thinking about a business need as an exercise in building a mobile app
  • Moving away from the actual need of enabling the business process that is at the core of the initiative
  • This shift in perspective from business process to mobile app, vastly reduces the success probability of any mobility initiative
  • What is needed is the change of focus back to the business process
  • We specialize in this perspective to enterprise mobility which assures long term success

How does choice of mobility platform impact success of mobile initiatives?

  • Enterprise mobile apps do not exist on their own, they are always part of a larger enterprise IT ecosystem
  • Thinking of mobile apps in a stove pipe approach leads to islands of unconnected mobile systems
  • This chaos soon leads to an unmanageable mobile ecosystem and puts the digital strategy of the enterprise at risk
  • You need an highly integrated, well designed enterprise mobility platform which helps you create and manage all your mobility initiatives
  • We help our customers achieve long term success in their mobility projects using Mowbly, our award winning process & people focused enterprise mobility platform


The right solution has to provide a complete approach than only dev tools.

This is the Real Problem:

The issues that arise post development & initial roll out of a mobile app

This is what we see:

A simple requirement to create a mobile app to solve a business need

The problem area:

  1. How do you quickly adopt business changes?
  2. How do you have seamless distribution?
  3. How can you provide remote support?
  4. Did you secure it adequately?
  5. How do you track user adoption?