Mowbly IDE

CloudPact’s Mowbly platform helps you build awesome cross platform mobile apps easier than ever. We embrace the web throughout the app development lifecycle; you can develop, debug, test and build a native (hybrid) app from your own favorite browser, no SDK or toolkit download required.

Mowbly features a powerful IDE helping you build your mobile apps faster. The IDE consists of

a project explorer to manage your files
a multi-tab editor that supports files of different types and allows you to edit them simultaneously
drag-and-drop UI controls in the HTML editor. Mowbly offers a rich set of UI controls out of box to fit your app needs and these controls are built to be responsive for multiple form factors
drag-and-drop code snippets for Mowbly mobile APIs that help you to leverage native mobile features
detect javascript declarations by using (ctrl + click) or (command + click)
a featured pack editor, to pack the project files required for your app. So you can have multiple packs/apps from a project
export and import projects. Get your sources and version them with your favorite source control tool
a pixel perfect mobile simulator to test your app as you develop. You can try your app on different screen resolutions and orientations using the simulator. The tool also simulates native features like preferences, camera, files, database, geolocation, contacts and console logging.

All of the above, runs inside the browser! Why it helps you, you ask. Think of how you can debug using your existing knowledge on browser tools and visualize the app as it would actually appear on the mobile device. And iterate your changes for the app and preview on the simulator to quickly view the changes. And with a few iterations your app could be done!

Here is a demo of the IDE highlighting the basic functionalities available.

So just sign up at to get your free account today! Can’t wait for you to try out Mowbly.

Hope you enjoy using the Mowbly IDE to build your awesome mobile apps.

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