Mowbly Eclipse plugin

To all Eclispe lovers out there, the Eclipse plugin for Mowbly is now available in beta. You can find the downloadable zip here – Mowbly Eclipse plugin. After downloading, follow the below steps to install,

Unzip the downloaded file.
Copy the .jar file.
Go to the directory where Eclipse is installed, browse to dropins folder.
Paste the file into it.
The plugin ready to use, run Eclipse to start using.

From your Eclipse you can now,

Create projects for your account in Mowbly
Pull projects from your Mowbly account
Push projects to your Mowbly account
Preview Html files and packs offline in the Mowbly Mobile Simulator
Create and update packs

Happy coding!

We love hearing from you, so post a comment below or mail us [email protected]

Sign up for a free Community Edition account at

P.S: Try out Mowbly Command line tool if you are into the console 🙂

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