We Make Mobility Mainstream


We believe all key business decisions originate from mobile devices

Enterprises need a solid and robust mobile foundation to cater to this new reality. At Mowbly, we continuously challenge ourselves to enable enterprises leverage long term value of their mobility strategy. Mowbly's single stack mobility platform is built on this core belief.

Enable Work Anytime Anywhere

Improve the agility of your enterprise by enabling secure mobile access to real time business information and provide decision making capabilities to your employees anywhere, anytime. Increase the productivity of your mobile workforce like sales and marketing employees by allowing them to perform their tasks more efficiently using smartphones and tablets. Enable offline access to corporate data and business transactions for employees to seamlessly carry on with their tasks and ensure optimized utilization of your resources. Achieve greater employee engagement and satisfaction with a wholesome enterprise mobility strategy built on Mowbly.

Always ON Customer Channel

Engage your customers like never before with an always on customer channel and actively push the latest business information about your products and services to customers over the air. Enable your customers to consume enterprise content and do business transactions wherever they are irrespective of their internet connectivity. With rich user interfaces and push notifications, provide your customers a greater app experience, gain their satisfaction and increase your brand loyalty. Enhance your products and services by getting your customers participate in feedback programs on their smartphones and tablets. Build a great customer experience using Mowbly, the people focussed enterprise mobility platform.

Effective Partner Participation

Improve business by getting your extended enterprise participate deeper in business workflows. Provide your partners access to real time enterprise information on multiple devices and enhance the productivity and efficiency across the value chain. Enable quicker decision making for your partners with all required business information available at a touch and allow them to participate in business transactions anywhere, anytime. Leverage Mowbly enterprise mobility solution and optimize your business workflows by mobile enabling all possible human interface points.

Greater ROI And Reduced TCO

Reap greater returns by investing in a mobility strategy for your enterprise. Optimize your business workflows with more mobile enabled human interface points for your employees and partners thereby ensuring efficiency and productivity gains. Extend your current IT investments on enterprise backend systems and software by mobilizing the existing apps and gaining more user adoption. Broaden your products and services reach by providing rich mobile apps for your customers and create an additional channel for generating revenue for your business. Save more on your operational costs by joining the enterprise mobility trend with optimized and effective business processes, reduced paperwork and leverage of users’ devices by adopting an active BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) strategy. Embark on your enterprise mobility strategy through Mowbly, an unique single stack enterprise mobility platform and realize these cost benefits.

Secure Mobile Enterprise

Remotely manage your mobile workforce and the apps using a central admin mobility dashboard in Mowbly and enable your enterprise IT with total freedom and control. Secure your enterprise content and enforce corporate policies through the comprehensive out-of-box Mobile App Management solution in Mowbly platform. Adopt with complete confidence, any enterprise mobile device policy that suits your enterprise, be it COPE (Corporate Owned Privately Enabled), BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) or both and manage your mobility deployment using Mowbly, the secure mobility platform built for enterprises. Leverage Mowbly’s comprehensive security at multiple levels to provide access control, data security, secure connectivity and remote data wipe.


Enterprise Mobility Solution On A Single App

Free your business from the shackles of app chaos. Your enterprise mobility strategy does not depend on multiple apps. Mowbly provides you an unique single app approach which enables you to develop, test, distribute and manage mobile content across customers, employees and partners. With Mowbly, Mobilizing your business workflows will no more be a cumbersome task.

Cross Device Support - Build Once, Run Smart

Build your apps for multiple smartphone operating systems and modern web browsers with a single code base. Mowbly offers you a comprehensive set of APIs to abstract the oddities of specific mobile platforms and helps you focus on the business logic of your app. Mowbly supports Android, iOS, Blackberry and Windows Phone operating systems.

Seamless Integration And Deployment

Extend your enterprise IT investments by mobilizing your existing business workflows. Mowbly platform provides you a seamless integration of your mobile apps to your core enterprise backend systems and ensures a complete mobility possibility for your apps. With Mowbly, you also get a flexible deployment option for your enterprise mobility solution. You can either deploy your solution on Mowbly cloud or systems in your premise.

Comprehensive Management And Monitoring

Securely manage and monitor your enterprise mobility deployment from a sophisticated central admin dashboard. Mowbly platform offers out-of-box Mobile Application Management capability with a comprehensive policy based security system for your enterprise mobility solution. You can securely roll out apps to your enterprise users and enforce corporate policies on your users’ devices irrespective of COPE and BYOD scenarios.

Robust Development Environment And SDK

Develop your enterprise mobile apps using a world class Integrated Development Environment (IDE) that runs on all modern web browsers. The IDE is also available as plugins for dev tools like Eclipse, Visual Studio and Custom editors. Mowbly offers you a single stack advantage with server and rich UI framework to develop apps for your mobility initiatives. The APIs allow your apps to leverage the native features of devices pertaining to multiple operating systems yet leaves you with a comfort of single code base.