Mobility at a Home Loan Provider Client with Mowbly Enterprise


Key Challenges

  • Operational efficiency in lead generation and customer service by sales representatives
  • Management of sales representatives on the field
  • Convenient process for information and document collection from customers
  • Gain certainty in customer follow-up schedules

Sales management mobile workflow on Mowbly Enterprise mobility platform

The Client

Over the years, the client has emerged as a financial conglomerate with its presence in the entire gamut of financial services including banking, insurance (life and non-life), asset management, real estate venture capital and more recently education loans. Today, the client is recognised as one of the Best Managed Companies in India and is a model housing finance company for developing countries with nascent housing finance markets.

Business Benefits

  • Lead generation by sales representatives on the move
  • Improved response time to leads and customers
  • Convenient process of digital document collection from customers at their home or office
  • Efficient central management of sales representatives and mobile assets
  • Improved employee satisfaction among sales representatives


The client is a 37 years old company established with the primary objective of meeting a social need of encouraging home ownership by providing long-term finance to households. The client’s wide product range includes loans for purchase and construction of a residential unit, purchase of plot, home improvement loans, home extension loans, non-residential premises loans for professionals and loan against property.


The client offers loans to customers to buy residential house as part of its personal investment portfolio. A typical home loan process would involve following broad steps,

  1. Generate lead
  2. Check the eligibility of the lead and convert the lead to customer
  3. Collect and verify documents of the customer
  4. Process and disburse the loan

All the above steps, except for the last step, are carried out by sales representatives on the field. The effectiveness and efficiency of the loan process squarely depended on real-time information flow between the sales representatives and the enterprise systems.

Though the sales representatives were accessible on their smartphones, voice calls, email or SMS communication weren’t always convenient, and to a greater extent, limited the information context to the conversation. The primary challenge was to provide the sales representative the latest information from the enterprise system and ensure that the information was accessible by him/her anywhere. Also, sales representative had to be empowered with additional capabilities like information update on server, flexible scheduling, contextual conversations etc that enable him/her to carry out tasks with increased efficiency.

These challenges prompted the Mobility Apps team of the client to build mobile apps to deal with them. The enterprise IT manager faced the most critical question, which was to identify an Enterprise mobility platform that would help him resolve the challenges.


The enterprise IT manager was clear that building independent apps is not a long term solution and hence an Enterprise MADP (Mobile Application Development Platform) can only help him realize his mobility strategy. His team evaluated many MADP platforms available in the market with major cornerstones as investment, risk, user adoption and ROI for their decision. After considerable deliberation, the team chose to go with Mowbly Enterprise and the major driving factors for this decision were,

  • Single app approach
    Single enterprise client on the employee’s smartphone that helps him/her to manage all his enterprise apps. No multiple mobile apps to manage and IT admin gets the needed freedom and control.
  • End to end mobility suite
    Platform with development, deployment, management and monitoring capabilities out-of-box. Seamless integration to popular user management systems for authentication and authorization of users and a proper role management. Security based on clearly defined policy that puts IT admin at ease. Completely based on web standards that helps their existing IT team to develop mobile apps and seamlessly integrate into their web services enabled enterprise systems.

The Mowbly enterprise mobility server was then installed on premise with a secure reverse proxy setup for the mobile client to communicate through the internet outside the enterprise firewall. The server securely integrated to the client’s user directory providing user authentication and authorization for developers and workflow users.

The enterprise IT team together with the Mowbly team built the necessary apps that addresses the functional challenges identified. With end to end support for web technologies, Mowbly enterprise platform enabled quicker delivery of the apps. The apps were published to production after IT admin and business approved of their functional correctness.

An enterprise mobile app based on Mowbly Enterprise mobile client was distributed to all the sales representatives. The secure login based client provided sales representatives access to the apps that they are entitled to. With rich user interface and single point of engagement, sales representatives were satisfied to use the apps.

The improved sales representative process has following features now,

  1. The sales lead sitting at the head office schedules customer visits for the sales representatives. The sales representative on the field gets notified on the mobile client whenever there is a schedule update and plans his customer visit using the Followups app. The sales representative has option to reschedule the visit as per the requirement of the customer.
  2. The sales lead can have a contextual conversation over a customer with the sales representative. This mode of conversation is productive and efficient than a direct phone call for the obvious reasons that the sales lead does not wait on the query, the sales representative gets time to respond and the conversation is captured and can be referenced at a later point for business analytics.
  3. The sales representative uses the Followups app in the mobile app to capture the information of the customer he/she visits. The required documents of the customer are scanned using the mobile app, attached to the application immediately and sent to server. This ensures lesser paperwork and increased speed of information flow to the enterprise system.
  4. The sales representative is enabled to register new leads who he/she gets on the field using the Quick Login app. This app provides the sales representative the flexibility to create a lead with minimal information for the head office to follow up later.
  5. The solution is designed to work offline which greatly enables the sales representative to work on the apps irrespective of the internet connectivity. The mobile client smartly synchronizes with the enterprise system whenever the connectivity resumes.

Business benefits

The major benefit is the improvement in operational efficiency of the sales process with real time information flow and improved response time. Sales representatives are empowered with more capabilities that enable them to be more productive and efficient. The result is greater visibility of the business process, reduced time delays, improved employee satisfaction and governance.

The refined personal information and document collection process with reduced paperwork provided the customers to apply for loan at their convenience, resulting in improved customer experience.

From the mobility strategy point of view, the total time of under 2 months taken for the app development & solution deployment proved to be very cost effective. The single app approach of Mowbly Enterprise mobile solution provided the IT admin more freedom and control for hassle-free rollout of apps in a secure way.


As an enterprise, the client has been a forerunner in adopting newer technologies to stay competitive. Embracing enterprise mobility embodies its stance and keeps it in the elite group of visionary companies in the BFSI domain.

The client’s Mobility Apps team successfully rolled out their first set of apps in their mobility strategy. Around 400 users are being productive and efficient with this rollout and new users are being added as per business needs. The team has started pondering over the next set of apps and already laid out plans for more apps that would enable other business workflows in the company. The team now plans to leverage the Mowbly Enterprise mobility platform to get its existing IT developers onto mobile app development using Mowbly and be self sustained in their value creation.