Enterprises today are expanding their business frontier to the very edge of mobile reach. The business workforce today is more mobile than ever before and this is just the beginning. Now close to six billion total mobile users in the world, and more than a billion employees accessing enterprise software via mobile devices, the stage is set for dramatic growth in mobile enterprise applications. Mobile and the way a business uses a mobile device is a key component for business success today. Business information, decisions and directions have to be readily available for any customer, employee and partner for any business to flourish in the prevailing economic climate.

A comprehensive mobility strategy is critical to achieve this need and we enable our customers to successfully plan, execute and manage their mobility application projects.


CloudPact is the company behind Mowbly, an award winning, unique mobile PaaS, with the world’s best cloud hosted mobile application development IDE with comprehensive enterprise connectivity and management.

The vision of CloudPact is that mobile would be the major point of human decision making in any enterprise in the future. This would be a reality from the core to the fringe of any business and will affect all kinds of business processes. In addition, this new status quo would be fueled with Cloud technology as its backbone.

Cloud and Mobile combined would not only determine business success but are poised to be the next big social level playing field globally. Mobile infrastructure, technology and distribution has already been widespread across varied economies and has generated a lot of social change. Availability of information at the hands of a remote tribe to the busy streets of a mega city are rapidly being levelled with mobile technology leading the charge.

CloudPact is proud to be part of this great social and technology change and has ambitions to be a globally renowned business contributing to this change. The People the world over have the will to make a change and we are here to give them the wings to their will




Cloudpact was one of the top 5 cloud startups out of 110 participants in Cloud Conclave 2011 awarded by Dr. Werner Vogels, CTO, Event was conducted by Your Story and Amazon.


CloudPact was awarded Best Mobile App of 2012 in Siliconindia for its comprehensive enterprise mobility solution.