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What else can be more exciting for an Enterprise Mobility startup than being at the Mobile World Congress (MWC), the world’s premier mobile industry event? CloudPact team was very excited to showcase the Mowbly platform at MWC 2013 in Barcelona. This being our first international event, it was a real great experience end to end. Yes, it was a tough decision for us, a startup company to make a substantial investment in an international event. Again,an opportunity to meet potential prospects across the globe, to know the reach of mobility in enterprises worldwide, to get the mind share of our product in decision makers of these enterprises is very rare. We decided to put up a stall at the MWC. It was great team work that helped us to prepare for our stall at the MWC: the product brochures, gifts for the visitors, demo apps, standees and the visa processing in a relatively short period of time.

Barring some issues regarding carrying the heavy (150 Kg) posters and gifts with us, it was a wonderful journey to Barcelona. We got a nice place to stay, a humble but very professional service apartment very near to the MWC venue and surprisingly cheaper.
The MWC venue, it should be said, is made for an international event like this. We were fortunate enough to get a prominent place for our stall at the Cloud Pavilion and great neighbors like Firefox and AOS. The stall set-up was a puzzle for us with items we rented little too much for the space available. We managed to solve it and got ready for the event. The service guys in the hall were very helpful in the setting up stuff like our own wireless.

CloudPact stall at MWC 2013

Media reports claim that the number of visitors was a whopping 72000 (67000 was the count last year). We had around 200 visitors every day to our stall, mostly enterprises looking for cloud and mobile solutions. The profile of the visitors were,

CEOs, CIOs and IT Heads of enterprises from manufacturing, retail,etc looking for end to end mobility solutions.
Software product companies like CRM products, business vertical solutions providers looking to expand their product suite with mobile solutions.
Software services providers looking for Enterprise mobility frameworks for building Enterprise mobile apps for their enterprise clients.
Freelance developers looking for development frameworks that help them to do enterprise projects.

It was surprising to see more visitors from Middle east, Asia, Africa, South America and Europe than from the US. Apart from the exposure, the MWC stint helped us gain some great insights about enterprises and their perspective on cloud and mobile.

Enterprises are clear that they need Hybrid mobile apps to save time and cost as opposed to native apps.
Enterprises need an end to end mobility solution and are wary of assembling different solutions for mobile client, backend connectivity, device management, etc for their enterprise mobility needs.
Software service companies who were doing native point solutions for enterprises are also in the look out for enterprise mobility frameworks that would make development and deployment effective and efficient.
Software product companies focusing on vertical solutions are also looking for cross-platform frameworks that help them to extend their product suite to have mobile endpoints.
There was also emphasis on the fact that abstraction layers will not suffice in building apps particularly the enterprise ones which demand connectivity to enterprise backends, analytics and device management. Hence they are in a look out for an end to end solution.

We decided to get a gift for the visitors to increase footfall and for a feel good effect. After a lot of discussions we finally went with a handcrafted art work on a palm leaf. Both the gesture and the gift itself were in Indian context. Needless to say, It was a huge hit.

Gift to MWC visitors: Indian art

Another highlight of the event was a tweet by Firefox evangelist Triston Nitot mentioning us about our product running on Firefox OS. We are proud to say that ‘we are the First enterprise mobile app running on Firefox OS’.

Tweet by Firefox

Being mindful about the comfort a place to sit can give to visitors, who spend the whole day walking and standing; we offered a couple of seats near our stall for the expo visitors to rest. We were glad that people were pleased to see the gesture and that one of the visitors tweeted it.

Tweet on our Hospitality

Overall the MWC event was a great experience for CloudPact. We are glad that many vistors were appreciative about Mowbly and are considering the framework in their mobility strategy. We hope to return to Mobile World Congress 2014 with a bigger presence.


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