7 reasons why your enterprise needs a mobile decision support system

A decision making process is a series of actions or steps taken to choose the best option from a feasible set. This is present in just about every conceivable human task. The central goal of decision support systems is to process and provide suitable information in order to support individuals or organizations in their decision making tasks. Nowadays, information can be supplied, received and/or used anywhere. And as such appropriate mobile decision support systems (DSSs) will bridge the gap existing between theory and practice in decision making.

Top 7 reasons for a mobile decision support system

1. Empower decision makers

Mobile decision support uses wireless technology and smartphones to provide interactive apps to help decision makers. The apps equip the decision maker with data, documents, knowledge and models to identify problems, complete decision process tasks, and make important decisions.

2. Location based support

Mobile decision support includes alerts and information pushed to a user based on location. The user can be well informed about the whereabouts of his location which plays a major role in making better decisions. For example, a field service engineer on the road, can update the system as and when the delivery is made rather than returning back to the office and therefore, expediting the whole delivery process. Now, based on on the engineer’s location new allocations can be made to him so that those can be processed immediately.

3. Real time analytical and business intelligence

Operational employees who work directly with customers or stakeholders will hugely benefit from a mobile DSS as it will help them picture real time analytics regarding the enterprise. According to Mulholland1 (2012), mobile decision support is a core driver of new business deployments.

4. Decentralize decision making

Your decision making process doesn’t need to take place in a closed room. The mobile web can deliver intelligence and knowledge to decision makers as and when needed and this mobile DSS allows you to take decisions on the fly and hence deliver to your customers at a faster pace.

5. Cut down on decision making costs

The most common mobile decision support is to provide data-driven decision support and business intelligence. Mobile business intelligence refers to data-driven decision support applications on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. Accessing this data on mobiles can drastically reduce the operational costs of your enterprise and therefore, reduce the cost of decision making.

6. Expedite your decision making process

Smartphone ownership has been increasing rapidly and the technology is now common. Gartner2 (2013) reports 425.8 million smartphones sold worldwide in Quarter 1 2013. Nielsen3 reports that 61% of U.S. mobile phone owners have a smartphone as of Quarter 2 2013. Decision making in an enterprise has now shifted from within the company to the field and making your decision on the spot can make or break your game. Mobile DSS helps you to make quicker and better decisions at office or away from it.

7. Enhance collaborative decision making

Mobile decision support can provide video conferencing, location based services, real-time analytics based on context, advice, a voice interface, and navigation. Most importantly mobile decision support provides access to decision support applications in the cloud. These application help the individual/group to make a more informed decision.

Mobile decision support is an exciting innovation that combines a small computing platform with wireless access to a cloud of decision aiding software and data resources. Decision support can be with us almost anywhere and at anytime helping us to take better and quicker decisions. What are your thoughts about your mobile DSS? Write them down in the comments below or tweet us at @CloudPact.

We at CloudPact understand the need of mobile DSSs and the impact it has on enterprises. Mowbly from CloudPact empowers you to make decisions better and faster with its cross platform enterprise mobile app, radically simple cloud IDE and enterprise mobile UI framework.

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